Sep 28, 2020

How to Interpret Trailer Tire Size Information

Have you ever wondered how to interpret the tire size numbers. They might look something like ST205/75R14.

Letters like us ST in front of the first number are the type of tire.

ST = Special Trailer used for trailers, boats etc. P = Passenger Car LT = Light Truck No Letter is a European Tire

Tire Width

Tire Width is the width of the tire. So for us ST205/75R14 the 205 is the tire with in millimeters.

Aspect Ratio

Tire Aspect Ratio calculates the side wall height of tires. For ST205/75R14 the 75 means the sidewall height is 75% of the width. 205 mm x 0.75 = 153.75 mm tall.


The R means it’s a radial tire

Wheel Diameter

The last number stands for wheel diameter. In ST205/75R14, the 14 means a 14" wheel.

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