Scam and Fraud Protection for 2023

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Cyber criminals are relentless in their pursuit to scam you out of your money.  They are constantly changing their strategies based on current trends and topics.  They evolve their skills using new technologies, the latest being artificial intelligence (AI).  

You must constantly monitor your financial status, information stay on top of your security

Here are my top tips to help you reduce your risk of being scammed in 2023.

Always and Everywhere

This is at the top of the list to remind you to always be vigilant in everything you do when it comes to family 


Phone Scam Prevention

Passwords, Logins and Passkeys

Technology and Security

Apple Specific Technology

I keep this as a separate section for technologies that I think apple uses to take you beyond safety and security for scam prevention.

Browsing the Internet and Social Media

Other Scams to be Concerned About

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