Oct 3, 2020

How Do I Keep from Getting the Flu

It’s that time of year and we are ramping up to another flu season. With flu and Covid19 on my mind, I did a little reading on how to help prevent the flu. We should have already been doing some to the same things to prevent the flu as we would for any virus. Here are some ideas I’ve found.

  • Get a flu shot - If you older get the super flu shot
  • Eat Healthy, fruits, vegetables, fish basically a Mediterranean diet
  • Take a brisk walk, it will help boost your immunities
  • Get plenty of sleep, 8 hours is the preference, set your room up for good sleep
  • Vitamin D, if you life in the north and don’t get winter sun take supplements
  • Use an Humidifier - Virus linger longer in dry air
  • Wear a mask and stay socially distant
  • Wash your hands often, everything you touch can carry virus
  • Don’t touch public surfaces, eat at buffets, use the pen from the wait staff

What other ideas do you have?

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