Oct 9, 2020

How to Find an Auto Shop for your Car Repairs

Thinking of going on a road trip and want a mechanic to look over your car. Maybe you just need some repairs done. I’m fortunate that I do most repairs on my vehicles myself. But every now and then the project is bigger then my skill set and I need a mechanic to help me out.

  • Look for ASE certifications at the shop. This means that their mechanics are keeping up with the latest trainings. Cars and trucks are complicated and keeping up to date with technology is important.
  • Reach out to you friend network, if they can refer a great mechanic they’ve used for years.
  • Build up a relationship by using the auto shop for small things like oil changes and inspections. link to inspection post If they do a good trustworthy job with those, you’ll feel comfortable when it comes to a major repair
  • How clean and organized is the shop. Do they take pride in their appearance. Remember it’s an auto shop so it won’t be perfect, but if it’s in disarray, probably not the greatest.
  • Do they have a clear written warranty? Make sure they stand behind their work and honor their warranties. If it’s just verbal, they may not stand behind their repairs.
  • Is it convenient to you and your needs. Are they close by? Do they offer a free shuttle? Do they have a waiting room? Do they have secure key drops?
  • Check the better business bureau at bbb.org for a clean track record. How many complaints have been resolved lately? What’s their ratings? The one comment I will make is be wary of online ratings.
  • Do they communicate in simple terms you understand. They explain your problem and the fix they’ll be performing in clear terms you understand.
  • Make sure they are receiving the car manufacturer’s technical service bulletins. These are notices for know problems and how to repair them. In many cases these should be free fixes if you car is under warranty.

If you stay loyal to them and they provide your good work at a fair price, they will be more likely to treat you fairly when it comes to the more expensive repairs.

Good Luck

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