Feb 1, 2021

Save your Nikon Camera Settings for Nikon Z6, Z7 and other Nikon Cameras

Did you know you can save your Nikon settings to your computer? Once you have your camera configured the way you like it, make sure you save your settings to the memory card and from there to you computer.

How to Save your Nikon Camera Settings

To save your camera settings, go into your Nikon camera’s Menu Control. Scroll down to the wrench, which is the setup menu. Select Save/Load settings and then Save settings. This will save a copy of your camera settings to a .BIN file which will be in the root directory of your SD card. Remove your memory card from the camera and load it into your computer’s memory card read and save it to your computer hard drive. You should probably keep the file name the same. The Nikon camera’s only like 8 character file names.

You could then completely readjust everything on your camera if you want to test out and save other setups.

How to Load your Nikon Camera Settings

If you want to load saved Nikon camera settings from a saved copy on your computer. First I would format the memory card in the camera you’ll be restoring the settings to. Make sure you saved any photos on the memory card before you format as this deletes all information on the card. Copy the ########.BIN file from your computer to the root directory of the memory card. This is the highest directory, don’t place the file in a subdirectory. Place the memory card in your camera.

Follow the same procedure as above the save the settings, only this time select Load Settings from the Save/Load Menu under the Wrench Setup. The settings will not be loaded to your camera.

I think the mode dial needs to be in M, S, A or P to load or save the settings.

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