Watch out for Drip Pricing

Quick tips to help you save money.

Drip pricing is a marketing technique used in many industries to get you to pay a higher price than the original advertised price.  For example maybe you booked a hotel reservation online and when you show up they tack on a $50 resort fee.  Or maybe you are being an appliance or new tool and the reseller wants you to add on a warranty.  The idea is to lure consumers in with a good advertised price and then tack on charges after the fact.  Make sure that on all your purchases, whether online or in a store, that you go back and check competitive prices with all the options and features added.  

Push back on hidden fees, if you complain about it you may get some of the money back.

You can often find drip pricing in:

New Car Purchases

Retail and Online Stores

Beware of Cable TV Companies Drip Pricing


Internet Service



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