Ignore Blackmail Scams

I read a recent stat from Google where they claim to block a 100 million scam emails everyday!  Some of these emails are blackmail scams that you should ignore.

Blackmailer's will claim that they have been

  • monitoring all your emails, or 
  • they've been watching you on your computer web cam, or
  • they have damage secrets they are going to expose, or
  • they have nude pictures of you and your wife, or
  • they may threaten to have you live in shame for the rest of your life, or
  • they have all your passwords that they go off the dark web, or
  • they are watching and monitoring your computer on a daily basis, or
They will also want you to make a payment using a cash payment scheme.  Avoid these cash payment scams.  

So just ignore these requests and delete the email into your spam folder.  Don't ever respond, the scammers will just circulate your email to others.  If you do have incriminating information on you computer that you don't want others to see, delete it or move to a hard drive or computer that's not connected to the internet.

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