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iPhone Notification Center General Overview


Today's tutorial is on a general overview of the Notification Center. I discuss the notification center, how to find it and how to enable or disable the different notification types for specific apps. The key topics in this iPhone Notification Center Tutorial are:

  • Notification Center Notifications
  • Slide Notification Center down from the top of your screen
  • Quick Look at Notifications in Notification Center
  • Notification Settings on iPhone
  • Notification Summary
  • Schedule Notifications
  • Siri Announce Notifications
  • App Notification Settings
  • Locked Screen Notifications
  • Banner Notifications
  • Badge Count Notifications
  • Sounds for Notifications
  • How to turn on Notifications for a specific app
  • How to adjust notifications for that app
  • How to pull down and review notifications
  • How to group notifications
  • How to temporarily mute notifications for an app
  • How to clear notifications for an app
  • Click a notification to launch the App and see the topic

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