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Picture Preset Modes Vivid vs Standard (Set Picture Control)

Years ago I read articles to shoot everything in raw. Raw gives you 100% of the information from the photo and allows you to ultimately give you the most editing flexibility. While this is still true, I’m tired of spending hours editing every photo I take, most of which are just casual shots of travels or for the family.

I decided to play with picture presets on my Nikon Z6. For Nikon you can find them under the Shooting Menu > Set Picture Control.  I’ve toyed with these before on my other Nikon cameras but typically just shoot everything in Standard.

Nikon gives you the options of:

A - Auto
ST - Standard
NL - Neutral
VI - Vivid
MC - Monochrome
PT - Portrait
LS - Landscape

I’m sure Cannon and Sony have Similar presets for this.

On my Nikon Z6 I set User 1 to be for things and have set Picture Preset to Vivid. I set User 2 to be for people and have that picture preset to Standard. This way I can quickly go between things and people. I have other settings also preset to go with the two types of shooting.

I’ve chosen to use Vivid for things, just makes everything pop. One thing you’ll need to be cautious of is blue sky, it can look real blue and a little unnatural. Here are a couple sample shots:

bird on pond alligator palm trees

I’m hoping these make a difference and reduce the amount of editing I need to do.

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