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How Does Your Vote Impact our Country's Recovery from Covid?

Your vote matters to help America recover from the Covid19 Pandemic and it’s impact on every bit of our society. At the national level, when you vote you are electing the next President, Senators and Members of the House of Representatives. At the state level you may be voting for your next Governor or State Legislators.

The elected officials set policy and enact laws that affect our future. Here are the main issues you should be considering if you are retired or near retiring:

  • The Economy - Who will best serve your needs
  • Medicare - Will it continue to the level that you need
  • Prescription Drugs - How to reduce the costs
  • Social Security - Make sure you continue to receive what you deserve
  • Long Term Care - Has Covid19 changed how you feel
  • Taxes
  • Legalization of Marijuana and other Drugs
  • Foreign Relations
  • The fight against Covid19 for the safety of all Americans

Do your research, there is much to understand!

Vote by Absentee Ballot

Absentee Ballot and Voting by Mail is Now Easier

If you travel like my wife and I do, you probably want to sign up for receiving permanent absentee ballots. In Michigan we have an online system where you can check your registration status at I’m sure other states have a similar type of system. Every election my local clerks offices mail me a ballot for voting. Make’s it real easy to vote when away from home.

It’s not to late for the 2020 Presidential election. In Michigan, here are the deadlines, check your states dates:

Oct 19 - Last day to register to vote online Oct 20 thru Nov 3 - You can still register to vote at your local clerks office Nov 2 - Deadline to request absentee ballot Nov 3 - Ballots due

I really like the absentee process. It enables me to do reserach on the issues and candidates to make sure I’m voting with good information.

So if you are out of town or if Covid makes you nervous. Sign up for an absentee ballot and vote early.

How Does Your Vote Impact our Country's Recovery from Covid?